'...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.'
About Me
The first word in my business name actually means something significant with my Autism. It is the first introduction of how this business is what it is. Autism by itself is puzzling since there are so many different factors to it. My brain is not easy to understand according to others around me sometimes and to myself also since I am constantly struggling in life to figure some things out and understand me according to how I perceive myself and how I’m perceived by others. I have Autism, but it doesn’t define who I am or who I am still becoming. I am a piece of a puzzle in this world that has the ability to be a part of other pieces to help others to understand Autism more, create a bigger picture, and build a better community. I mess up a lot in this world, but I don’t wish to be anyone else because I’m here for a reason.
With Purpose:
There are two main purposes for my business which are to ultimately show the testimony of what God has done and is doing in my life and to use Autism, as my platform, to educate, inform, give hope and inspiration, and make a difference to everyone I come in contact with. It is to share the love, hope, and the difference Christ has made in my life. It’s an ever evolving testimony as each day he gives me is added to my testimony. If I can make a difference in this world then I’m doing one of my purposes that I’m here on earth for.
Autistically Inspired Creations:
This is also an integral part to my business name because every piece I design, draw, or create only comes from how my autistic mind sees it. It’s inspired by the things I see, my capabilities, and the Lord in respect to the fact he gives me the ability to see the things the way I see them. I believe this is one of my gifts. The things I can’t do or see are gifts he gives others to achieve. There are patterns, craft projects, and other things I cannot do and that cause me to meltdown so I just don’t do them. With the creations you see here or at one of my venues I hope you like them and take them home to enjoy for a long time.
In regards to how this business started and continues to have my testimony evolve, I give 100% credit to the Lord for having his hand in all of it. He’s provided the people to come into my life that I’ve needed to help make this happen/come together. Things and situations that are difficult or seems impossible for me he’s given and blessed me with what I’ve needed. Including financially and miraculously making enough to help my kids and I make it through that month providing materials at costs that are heaven sent. Using my high functioning autism to share with the world the love of Christ. I believe he uses me being different to share with others his hope, love, compassion, understanding, and more. Being the evidence of what Christ has done for me and can do for you.This page is continually developing as I desire to share with you all of my testimony—even that which has nothing to do with my business—just my life (which also deals with Autism obviously). I believe that it can help others in multiple ways. But for right now this is how much I’ve written so far….